By Najibu Mulema

An anonymous facebook political activist, Tom Voltaire Okwalinga alias TVO came into limelight when he started exposing dirty political secrets of the government of Uganda and its  politicians through his facebook posts.

The government tried everything possible to unveil his identity but all in vain.

Up to now the government has no trace of  him.
A city lawyer, Fred Muwema  wrote to facebook to disclose TVO’s identity over gross  defamation claims which facebook declined.

However, TVO has accepted a move that could expose him, if due diligence isn’t done.

TVO on his Facebook timeline shared that the he will be interviewed by Voice of America (voa), a USA based multimedia news company come next week.

“I have agreed to be interviewed on Voice of America next week .We have just reached a final agreement on how best the interview will be done without compromising my safety.More details will be posted here in due course..I will represent all of you my 86,000 followers and all fellow citizens in telling the world the manner in which our democratic rights have been highjacked by an illegitimate regime.Police brutality will be tackled too. ALUTA CONTINUA,” TVO said.