By Najibu Mulema

The head of European Union delegation to Uganda has called for the abolishment of death penalty in Uganda. Ambasaddor Kristian Schmidt said, Uganda has the highest number of laws that offer death sentence for criminal offenders as the maximum sentence.

He argues that by 2nd March 2016 alone, they were 209 people on death row. This situation can only be addressed by totally abolishing the death penalty.

Schmidt added that the death sentence has already been scraped off by many countries in the world and Uganda should make a similar move.

“I believe the discrepancy is part of the military tradition especially in times of war but Uganda is now peaceful, abolish the discrepancy and join the global trend, not just out of mercy for the criminals but because discrepancy is wrong, it does’nt work, it doesn’t ditter crime, it doesn’t relieve pain from families of victims, its unacceptable to kill hope it’self,” Schmidt said.