Many couples are divorced before their wedding day.Some of the things that led to a divorce don’t happen overnight ,it has always been there before the wedding but we don’t seem to see the obstacle because we are blindly in love.
Wedding and marriage are two different things. A wedding is a one day celebration while marriage is for life.Its not how much you spend on the wedding, its how long you stay in marriage.

Do not be fooled and believe that dramatically a wedding will change a person’s character. The only thing a wedding will change is relationship status from being SINGLE to MARRIED. Its hard to change person who is not ready to change.

Ofcourse many people can pretend to be what they are not, but there is a limit to how much a person can pretend if you are paying attention.

Dating is the initial stage of the relationship and the reason why we date is to know the type of a person we are bringing in our lives. Always remember that no one is perfect and no one will ever be.

Don’t go in a new relationship expecting a perfect partner,be open and be flexible, but being two flexible will affect your spinal code,try stand on your feet, avoiding putting a temporary person in a permanent position of your life.Be honest with yourself, never that age,family ,friends or social pressure will force you into something you don’t like

Families and friends can follow you to the wedding but only you stay in marriage. NEVER marry to fix a big problem, fix it before you marry ..Be prayerful always for God’s guidance, but don’t pray where common sense is required, never you sweep an obvious problem under the carpet if you truely want a peace of mind.

Before embarking on a journey of seeking for a soul make sure you already found yourself. Its really hard to know what you want if you don’t know yourself.Be very careful who you choose as your spouse because your happiness and your sadness depends on it.