By Najibu Mulema

For so long it has been well established that Born Agains are heaven sent; they do everything in the right way and through the will of Almighty God they serve.

But just a few days back, some senior government officials who are known to be stout Born again Christians proved the public wrong when they exposed their greed as presidential handshake scandal sparked mixed feeling among Ugandans.

42 senior government officials shared a sum of shs 6 billion after URA winning a court settlement against a British Oil firm, Tullow oil.

It should be noted that most of the officials who received the bonanza are born again christians and recently President Yoweri Museveni revealed the reason why he always appoints born agains in big offices especially in URA departments. He said born agains are not thieves.

While appearing on NBS TV’s Frontline show, Media Centre boss, Ofono Opondo who largely criticized the presidential handshake act, urged all officials who took part in the sharing, mostly born agains, should respect their religion so that they return the money before they are forced to do so.

“What surprises me is that most officials who took the money are born agains,what I can tell them is that they should quickly return the money before they are forced to do so. We thought born agains are not thieves,” Opondo said.

The officials act sparked outrage and patriotic sentiments among Ugandans and many are asking why would a government reward its officials handsomely to defend the interests of the people with such sums of money yet they are paid monthly to do what they are supposed to do.

If every official who goes an extra mile to do something extraordinary in the interests of the people is rewarded, why are policemen, soldiers, teachers, doctors, etc who work tirelessly to keep Ugandans alive are not treated that way so that they be motivated in one way or the other?