By Najibu Mulema

For all of you who thought Bad Black is faded in everything, you better take back your dirty thoughts.

Though broke now, the fading socialite at least still has men who would like to have a cuddle with her and not just usual men but superstars.

Recently during a Ciroc whine and spirit four years celebrations in Uganda at Club Guvnor ,one of Sauti Sol singer, a Kenyan best musical group at the moment, was seem all over Bad Black, he couldn’t risk giving her some space.

It seemed the Kenyan singer was having a great moment of having the ex-convict in his arms, prior he was just hearing about Bad Black who used to change men like babies pampers and when he got a moment to dance with her it was a dream come true.

The handsome singer couldn’t believe it , he looked like he wanted to eat the socialite up for real!!!!

However, the socialite seemed not bothered by the dance, she was like you dance with me when you get tired, you may find your way out of my face.