By Kiyimba Bruno

The executive director of KCCA Education Services, Ms Juliet Namuddu has urged teachers and parents to take sanitation as a must.

She was speaking on Monday at St Peters Primary School in Nsambya during celebrations to commemorate Global Hand Washing Day.

“Everyone should prioritise sanitation. Let’s not hide but make this a must in our homes and schools,” said Namuddu, adding that the quality of good education in schools shall never be achieved if learners are not healthy.

‘If all children wash hands before and after eating food as well as after visiting the toilets, they would have good sanitation which will lead to quality systems of education.”

At the same function, the head teacher for the school Mr.  Francis  Senabulya said everyone must ensure that children wash their hands instead of wetting them.

“Many of us the elders we simply wet our hands instead of washing them. We need to train our children to wash their hands.

Under the theme “Clean Hands-a recipe for health,” KCCA has partnered with GIZ- Sanitation for Millions Project to celebrate Global Hand washing Day 2018 under the theme

Global Hand washing Day is a campaign to motivate and mobilize people around the world to improve their hand washing habits.

KCCA intends to build and promote the habit of hand washing in learners to ensure long term gains in promoting health.