By Herbert Bukenya

As the entire country was in low moods over the past week or so over the beating and consequent arrest of Bobi Wine after the Arua by election fracas, no one expected any right thinking artiste to turn the situation into a mockery.

But trust Bebe Cool to act vain and self important even when its not called for, this is what he did when he uploaded a picture of him posing with the President at his recent concert with the hashtag ‘free bebe cool.’

This was a direct hit at rival artiste turned politician Bobi Wine whose hashtag free Bobi wine has been trending since his arrest plus imprisonment and it got his good friend and comedian Salvador Idringi angry just like it did anger many patriotic Ugandans.

Idringi said this was very insensitive from Bebe Cool clearly telling him it won’t go on well with the masses and reminding him that he knows deep down his heart that what he did was wrong and shouldn’t come from an artiste of his calibre.

Salvador also said this has nothing to do with who he supports in the music business as he respects all artistes having been the Emcee at Bebe’s recent Golden Heart concert and gone on to side with Bobi Wine in his cause too.