By our reporter

On Wednesday morning some ruthless ordinary boda boda cyclists violently attacked their colleague who is attached to Safe Boda as they accused him of sending them out of business since many people have resolved to use the service due to it fair prices, convenience and safety.

This was revealed by a one Kakombo Sylvester who was at the scene as the incident happened.

He wrote on his Facebook wall;

A narration by Kanye Waste on twitter. I posted something similar a week ago. Enemies of progress indeed. Some benefit from kavuyo in the city.

‪“Today morning i witnessed how cruel and heartless Ugandans can be due to jealousy and envy. STORY: So as I go to buy Airtime at this kiosk, I meet this Safeboda guy also buying airtime as he prepares for the new day. So I help him load it anticipating to set of to M.U.K. with him. As we try to pair the ride, some normal boda guy arrives with some friends of his, and start yelling at him “tetwagala safeboda mukibuga, Safeboda mukibuga twazikoba.” Loosely translated as “we no longer want safebodas in the city, we chased them away”.

‪They then attack the poor helpless lad, and grab his helmet and shove him around. I actually thought they were just joking around at first. But the guys get real physical and the number mysteriously increases to around 5 guys, all hurling insults  and threatening to kill him. I then realised that these guys were serious and had come to inflict real damage. One of them grabs the passenger helmet and smashes it on the ground. This immediately annoys the Safeboda guy, who’s name is Jonathan (Nō 5579). He then tries to fight off the attackers.

The guys were just many. Jonathan was overpowered. They jump onto their bodabodas and decide to run off. Jonathan tried to chase them but all in vain. One of them yells at me and other bystanders to  keep our phones away. “What are you recording?? Are you journalists?” He asks. Luckily the traffic Police at the junction notice the commotion and come running. But they are late. Jonathan has lost his helmet and has been beaten and shaken up. The guy even shouted to the attackers to kill him right there in public. I couldn’t believe it.

This whole incident left me scared. I wonder if us the passengers of these services are safe anymore. We could get attacked any time. These normal bodas really hate the way #SafeBoda guys earn more than them, and are determined to eliminate them. I hope the Police tracks down these fellas. The attacker jumped on this Boda Boda (UEL-082Y). The other guy on the TVS boda with a red helmet did the smashing of Jonathan’s passenger helmet. I am sure if it was at night these guys would have murdered the poor lad.

Please Share. Hope this helps to combat this issue and apprehended the culprits. SafeBoda should find better protection for its riders too. Taxify and Uber should also be on the lookout. Uganda Police Force, Metropolitan Times and Kampala Capital City Authority – KCCA should follow this up, 2 officers were on site. Be Safe.”