By Watchdog reporter

Former Intelligence Operative Charles Rwomushana has claimed that President Yoweri Museveni’s government is trying to manipulate the people in Northern Uganda the same it did to people in Kasese district.

Appearing on NBS’s Topical Discussion show today morning, Rwomushana said the Madi and Acholi people are not fighting themselves because of land but they do because there’s an insurgency in the area being sparked off by government.

He said what happened in Kasese is likely to happen in Northern Uganda because President Museveni has already revealed that he is for the Acholi people thus depicting the Madi people as victims who are likely to face government’s wrath.

“The president said that the Madi people are attacking the Acholi. This can only mean that the Madi are going to be victims. The Madi have been painted as the defiant therefore they are going to face the wrath,” said Rwomushana.

“President Museveni does not want to tell Ugandans that there is an insurgency. This situation is either an insurgency or a counter insurgency issue in Northern,” He added.

Apparently Acholi and Madi people are fighting themselves over land issues and so far over eight people have died in the clash.

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