By Mike Ssegawa

It was a rare fun-filled and merry Thursday evening, and liquor giant, Distell, made it happen at Kampala Serena Hotel with colour, class, toasts and pomp.

Distell, makers of Amarula and other products, has stepped up its presence in Uganda – and announced their intentions at a celebrity packed launch outside and inside Kampala Serena’s Victoria hall.

The launch which started from outside, was well crafted with a genius of an artist who mastered nature, light, music, and decoration. Simplicity. Creative. It was neat.

The evening kicked off just outside Victoria hall, where a percussion troupe doing a Kirundi dance kicked the cold out the patrons, and MCs Gaetana Kaggwa and Siima Sabiti breaking the ice with an informative brief of the purpose of the evening… an open bar was expected and it didn’t leave the guests thirsty.

If you are a lover of fine wines, particularly made in South Africa, Distell has made your dream come true. Just mention it; Amarula Cream, Nederburg, 4th Street, Hunter’s Ciders, and Scottish Leader whisky, you will now have more of it even nearer to you.

The South African based company, Distell, has appointed Rwenzori Bottling Company, to handle the distribution of its products in the country.

Distell says the partnership will provide their products with a strong distribution footprint in Uganda, as well as allowing their brands a competitive price and availability on the market.

Speaking ahead of the launch, LenVolschenk, Distell’s managing director for Africa said, “This impeccable partnership is an attractive opportunity for us to increase our consumer reach in the Ugandan market by tapping into the expertise and local knowledge of Rwenzori.”

Speakers of the night emphasized the fact that Africa was a key region for the wine company’s growth ambitions and that was why partnerships with Rwenzori affirm the company’s ambition to lead in select markets.

“There is a major untapped market potential for high quality liquor brands in East Africa, particularly in Uganda. We are looking forward to working with our partners to bring awareness of our exceptional brands to more Ugandan consumers,” said Richter.