On his way to his home on Friday evening, Robert Mugabe, a Rwandan investigative journalist and the managing director of the Voice Ltd, which publishes Great Lakes Voice and Ibiyaga Bigari, was intercepted by three men driving in car. They physically man-handled him and seconds later, they forcibly grabbed his cell phone before they drove off.

At the time of attempted kidnap, Mugabe explains that he was coming out of a restaurant at Kimironko market, Kigali to have his dinner when all of a sudden, three men emerged from the car which had been parked outside.

The three men never said any word. After grabbing the phone, the three guys never entered the car, the opted to run. Mugabe tried to make an alarm and moto cyclists chased them the men. But the same car intercepted the moto cyclists, saying they were from security. And the men disappeared.

“My phone has several contacts for both sources within the country and from diaspora. All these contacts are for my work as a journalist. I am worried that my phone can be tampered with to put the lives of my sources in danger,” said Mugabe in an interview.

“This was well planned and I highly suspect security people were involved,” he added. Mugabe said he has been trailed for sometimes now.

On Tuesday this week, men stopped him on his way home and tried to grab his phone but without success. The following day, a car trailed him and when it came near him, men came out of it and tried to force him inside the vehicle. When he made an alarm, they “strangers” drove off.

“I am not sure whether my source I was meeting at the restaurant was involved,” Mugabe added.

The source was giving me a story related to a private equity firm known as Fusion Capital. Journalists from the East African got arrested this year for investigating same company which is already surrounded by controversies.