By Watchdog reporter

Uganda once again walks in the shadow of Rwanda as the progressive and innovative neighboring country goes ahead to implement an online booking system which was rejected in Uganda for tourists that visit national parks.
The e-system has been rolled out to improve on the efficiency of accessing national parks.
The system that has been instituted by the Rwanda Development Board (RDB) works as easy as going online, book and pay for the service and days the tourist wants to spend in the parks.

The system reduces the red tape and time wasted in moving from one office to another to access tickets to the parks.
The system also helps to track down every coin that would get lost in corruption as well as giving the tourist power to choose the services they want to enjoy in the park ahead of the visit.
The bad news is – this particular e-booking system was first introduced in Uganda before the tourism fraternity shot it down.

Since several tour operators benefitted from compromising the system, they fought the initiative that had been introduced by Dr Andrew Seguya, the innovative executive director of Uganda Wildlife Authority.
Now as Uganda tourism slept and fought innovation, Rwanda has deployed the online booking system which will go ahead to give more access and satisfaction to their tourist that visits that country.
Uganda needs to realize that the world is fast moving to placing the power of consumption into the hands of the consumer or user. The technology world is giving the use such convenience so that time and money are not wasted at the hands of inefficient officers of various organizations.
The UWA system enabled the tourist or Tour Company to book ahead. The user could swipe their cards at the gates of the national park, lessening the time tourists spend booking to access the park.