By Watchdog reporter

Today morning one of the Facebook users who is good at killing people on internet, announced Makerere Don, Dr. Stella Nyanzi dead.

Jonan Metallic MJ( Facebook names) posted on his wall announcing controversial academia dead.

“Sad Sad so Sad so Sad News STELLA NYANZI is Dead!!!!Confirmed,” MJ posted.

However, Nyanzi has declined the rumour saying Metallic Jonan is lying about her death adding that she is supposedly typing from her grave and her corpse must be a holy corpse just like Pastor Samuel Kakande’s holy rice.

” I woke up to the weirdest Facebook post in which MJ Metallic Jonan was lying that I am dead! I am supposedly typing from my grave. My corpse must be a holy corpse just as that fraudster’s holy rice. Sheitani ashindwe!!!” Nyanzi responded.