By Arinda W Nsheeka

Two ministers and one MP on Saturday joined Rukungiri district NRM chairperson, Jim Muhwezi to comb for support of NRM flag bearers for the forthcoming Rukungiri by-election.

State Minister for finance, planning and economic development, David Bahati, minister for housing Dr. Chris Baryomunsi together with Kisoro district woman Member of Parliament Rose Kabagyenyi campaigned for Winfred Masiko and other NRM flag bearers for Rukungiri Woman MP and Bikurungu town council respectively.

Minister Bahati advised voters not to waste their vote by electing the FDC since the government is in hands of NRM.

“Even if you’re in FDC party its okay but for the purposes of development let’s elect the one who can easily access the government officials for development of your area,” Bahati advised.

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Minister Baryomunsi said Parliament is not a joking place which needs somebody who is familiar with it.

He said If Rukungiri people elect a new person,she would complete her term without raising any issue in parliament since she will be new in the system.

Kabagyenyi said Rujumbura missed a strong member of parliament Muhwezi and should not miss another strong lady Winfred Matsiko in the coming elections.

Muhwezi said he was ready to serve them again if they want him again to represent them in parliament.