By Watchdog reporter

Ruhinda County Member of Parliament Rtd Capt.Donozio Kahonda has been sentenced to nine months in Kirinya prison over forgery and uttering of false documents.

Kahonda was arrested on Wednesday before being paraded at the Chief Magistrate’s court in Jinja.

The magistrate convicted him for impersonation, uttering false documents, forgery among other counts.

 In October 2015 Kahonda was arrested and It was alleged that he on November 11, 2001 at military academy in Jinja district with intent to defraud or deceive uttered false documents in the particulars of Dickson Mutabazi, purporting that it was a genuine document whereas not.

During the hearing of the case, Kahonda secured bail not until yesterday on 7 June, 2017 when he was re-arrested and convicted.

Kahonda is remembered as the man who enormously defeated strong Justice Minister Kahinda Otafiire in the 2016 election to become the area MP.

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