By Arinda Wilfred Nsheeka

The Rubanda district LC5 chairperson, Jogo Kenneth Biryabareema has declared that he will ran as a member of Parliament for Rubanda East constituency in 2021, a seat that’s currently occupied by MP Henry Musasizi.

Biryabareema was elected in 2016 to be the LC5 chairperson for the 2 years old Rubanda district. Rubanda district was curved out of Kabale district in mid 2016.

A former businessman, Biryabareema stormed the political arena and won on his first attempt.

He has made it known to everyone that he wants the Parliamentary seat through attending parties in the constituency, burials and other functions.

Too early for campaigns?

It’s two years since Biryabareema won the LC5 seat, but one wonders why he has twisted his thoughts to parliament.

Uganda will hold the next elections in 2021, and it’s a surprise that a district leader has already started campaigning for the MP seat.

MP Musasizi’s fate

MP Musasizi( Rubanda East) who has been in Parliament since 2011has been at the center of criticism from his Constituents, accusing him of spearheading the amendment of article 102(b) of the Ugandan constitution (2017) and introduction of the mobile money and social media taxes.

The Ugandan Parliament on 20th December 2017 amended article 102(b) of the Constitution where most of the NRM legislators voted in its support, including MP Musasizi.

Musasizi one time said that if one can afford to buy a smart phone, then he can’t fail to pay for the social media tax of 200 shillings – something that caused his constituents to think that he’s behind the crew that introduced mobile money taxes and social media taxes.

Growing concerns

Musasizi for the last 8 years has been accused of using religion to divide his constituents.

The youthful legislator, who’s a Catholic by religion allegedly supports the catholic churches financially, compared to other religious sects.

Henry Ariganyira Musasizi is a Ugandan business administrator, certified public accountant and an MP for Rubanda East constituency since 2011.