By Moses Ntare

Local Council chairpersons from Rubanda West constituency on Saturday thanked their area Member of Parliament, Denis Sabiiti for saying NO to amending the constitution.

Article 102(b)of the Constitution was amended on 20th December 2017 and it saw the presidential age limit scrapped as well as increasing on the office term from five to seven years for all elective political positions.

Sabiiti, who belongs to NRM voted against the controversial bill and he was named a rebel MP.

Local chairpersons said they like their MPt because he represented to parliament what they had told him.

They said this while replying Henry Musasizi (Rubanda East MP, NRM) who had thanked them for saying yes to amend the Constitution.

One of the local Council chairperson who preferred the condition of anonymity, while speaking to our reporter said that their MP represented their ideas well in Parliament.

” We sent our MP to parliament to say no to amending the Constitution.. Sabiiti is a good representative, because he said what we told him to say. “he said.

Sabiiti is part of the 97 legislators who voted against amending the Constitution.

Another local Council chairperson said that he did not oppose MP Musasizi’s speech because he had brought them money.

“If we opposes him, he would take the money back “he said.

He said that Musasizi falsely said that the people of Rubanda West accepted to amend the Constitution.

“Musasizi was not here when we were sending Sabiiti to say no to amending the Constitution. He was in his own constituency Rubanda East ” he said.

Hon Musasizi is one of the NRM legislators who voted” YES “to amend the Constitution.

Musasizi was in Rubanda West constituency, at Rubanda district headquarters on Saturday on behalf of the party delivering money to facilitate NRM flag bearers in the coming local Council elections.

Musasizi had crossed to Rubanda West constituency, which is represented by Sabiiti in Parliament because Sabiiti   voted against amending the 1995 Ugandan constitution, which prompted the party to give money for Rubanda West to Musasizi.

Each local Council chairpersons  was given a facilitation of 120,000 shillings to help them in the coming elections.

The electorates will chose their leaders by lining up  against any leader of their choice, an election that has attracted a lot of criticism in the country.