By Arinda Nsheeka Wilfred

The Rubanda district Chairperson, Jogo Kenneth Biryabareema has urged people in his area to always test for HIV if they are to live healthy lives. 

“HIV has increased today, more than before. I therefore urge you to test and get know your status ” Biryabareema was quoted saying

He said this on the burial ceremony of the late Nathan Bajangwe, the father to the speaker of the Rubanda district Council, Hon Gerald Akambasa.

The chairman advised married couples to be faithful to each other – and called on those who live positively with HIV to keep taking their drugs religiously. He Cautioned the youth against prostitution.

The late Bajangwe died at the age of 88,having spent 62 years in marriage. He was buried in Kato, Kashasha Bufundi Sub-county Rubanda district.

According to the ministry of health, Uganda continues to register significant progress in its fight against HIV.

Approximately, 1.3 million Ugandans live with HIV/AIDS and are on ARV’s.