Sandra my long time friend, worked for one of the biggest restaurants in Kampala for two years.

She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Agricultural Science from one of the top universities in Uganda.

Prior to joining, she had searched for jobs in her field of study for two years and eight months but failed. She opted for a Customer Relationship Supervisor role in a restaurant.

On a few occasions, Sandra chatted to me about her boss who used to call her all sorts of names whenever she made mistakes at the workplace.

“My boss thinks I am a fool especially when I tell customers the truth. For example, boiled dishes are not part of our menu and when customers approach me, I tell them just that,” says Sandra.

She continues; “He wants me to tell them that boiled dishes are over, yet we don’t prepare them at all. I don’t want to tell lies to our customers but rather the truth.”

When this continued constantly, Sandra’s work morale reduced. She started reporting to work late and leaving early. She refused to work for two weeks and later got fired.

When someone calls you a fool, it doesn’t mean that you’re one. People are entitled to calling you all sorts of things but it’s imperative for everyone to know their worth.

If you have a bigger goal to achieve in that particular workplace, then calling you a fool is a small problem. You can decide to let it pass. You can endure it until when you achieve that goal.

Accordingly, Sandra had planned to work with that restaurant for five years, she only stayed there for two years and quit because of being called a fool for her mistakes occasionally.

There are many people who will call you all sorts of names and things where you are working or studying right now. My motivating word to you is that keep calm, don’t be swayed away by what they say.

Continue to reflect on the big picture instead of concentrating on the small problems that will easily lead you astray. Stay committed.

When someone doesn’t include you on the list of people who are entitled to free teas and lunches, free entrance for an event, free transport and free give-aways, please don’t overreact. Take it easy. Push on and work deligently. Stay focused on the bigger goal.

I would like to encourage you to learn how to categorise your problems into small, medium and big problems.

For the small problems, ignore and let them be for you know who you’re.

When medium and big problems come your way, consult and report to senior management, trusted friends or people who are older than you to see how you can overcome them.

Don’t forget the key point in this inspirational article; Concentrating on small problems can ruin your future, focus on the big picture.

Ronald Mayanja Omugalanda is CEO, Motivational Speaker and Life Coach at Ability Explored.