Ever since I left Nile Breweries in May (2017), things have not been the same again. In the month of June, I put effort on gathering my savings over the last 10 – 11 years while I was employed.

Towards end of the month (June), I had figured out some money to start on the infrastructure establishment of the first office for Ability Explored.

Looking for office space never came easy. Most places were very expensive until beginning of July when I finally knocked on doors for two of my lawyer friends; Simon Sekide of Ssekidde Associated Advocates (SAA) located in Nakawa House, UAP Business Park at the first floor and Henry Agaba of Aequitas Advocates (AA).

I had earlier contracted the Counsel Henry to help me legally register #AbilityExplored at the Uganda Registration Services Bureau (URSB) in 2016. His office is located at Kyadondo close, off Kyadondo road.

These two learned friends accepted me to use their offices at leisure, as I continued to search for a permanent address for #AbilityExplored.

To some of our stakeholders whom I issued my first business cards, they bear that address (Kyadondo Close). Both Counsel Simon and Henry did a commendable job for me. May the good Lord bless the works of their hands.

At the end of July, I revisited my plan for #AbilityExplored that partly read “#AbilityExplored shall spread all over Uganda and abroad regardless of the geographical location.”

One of my close friends, Kaps (Summy Namatich) advised me to look for places outside the central business district (CBD) since offices in Kampala were expensive for a startup business.
I extended my search to Mukono.

In the month of August, I landed on two places in the Mukono trading centre. However, it took me a while before choosing one. With thorough consultation from some of my close friends that included Mike Ntende, I finally accepted to take one located at Musafiri’s Building (a plaza called Katonda Yasinga, opposite Finance Trust Bank in Mukono).

Towards end of month, I embarked on the office set-up. To some of my friends here who have gone through this process, you may know what I am talking about. In the due course of setting-up, I have faced one big challenge. Some people whom I wanted to work with came around but in a short while, they left and I understood their reasons.

It is imperative to note; this is one of the biggest challenges for startups. Some people may not understand your vision as quickly as you wish. I will continue to agree that we all need to work with our sister patience to take us through this stage of business growth and development.

Like the saying goes, good things come to those who wait. “I am in this thing (Ability Explored) with both my legs and I will never give up. I have become stronger and God has continued to bring the right people to work with me to this stage. Team #AbilityExplored, I love you.”

In one of the books that I am writing, with support from my team, I detail more challenges faced by startups and how to overcome them. It’s an interesting book. We shall inform you when it’s finally out.

Just recently, we managed to launch our first office in Mukono. It was blessed with prayers and cake cutting. Thanks to Musumba Kalasira David and your wife.

I have attached some photos for your information. God has continued to bring in business and we’re sure that He is bringing more as we realise our dream of building a global organisation that fosters tangible societal transformation through motivational speaking, recruitment services, capacity building trainings, counselling, mentorship among other things. We’re ready to serve you.

Well done my team #AbilityExplored.

Let’s grow together.

Ronald Mayanja Omugalanda CEO, Motivational Speaker and Life Coach, Ability Explored.

Ronald Mayanja Omugalanda