By Watchdog reporter

Water state minister Ronald Kibuule has been under fire for allegedly assaulting a female guard at Stanbic Bank branch in Mukono town.

Kibuule, known for his excesses, received an apology from the Bank’s top most boss, for the embarrassment.

However, the public has continued to criticize the minister and bank.

On Monday morning, Kibuule who is rare on social media, posted an explanation of events leading to allegations.

He said he was a women activist who is unfortunately being witch hunted by his enemies.

The minister said he would not allow a female guard to check him especially if there was a male colleague.

Below is Kibuule’s explanation:

Goodmorning uganda, am not a facebook person but today am forced to write something in regards to what has been going on around social media, radio stations and TVs about the alleged security guard I beat at stanbic bank Mukono branch which is not true… First of all,what i did was to caution this girl that I couldn’t be checked by a female, her fellow guard called Maxwell was their and saw what exactly happened, but the way she is turning around that she was slapped into coma is unbelievable… You know it is absurd of how people especially my political opponents are working around the clock to poison people’s minds and they jump to conclusions with a lot of insults… I am a minister yes, but am human.. The bank has CCTV cameras in and outside, and the footage can prove whether I beat this girl or not.. On the same note, the bank apology had a basis as to why they did so,not because am a minister or rich as some were claiming. What I want to tell dear Ugandans is that am a woman activist, the allegations aren’t true, this is just the work of malicious haters who want to see me down.. I can never raise my hand to beat a woman.. Thank you, I apologise for the inconveniences caused..For God and my country!!!