By Herbert Bukenya

An industry that was largely sleeping outside Navio’s releases once in a while and Gravity’s kidandali rap fusion seems to have woken up from its slumber thanks to the ‘who is who’ battle started by Feffe Bussi.

Other rappers like St. Nelly Sade said they will keep away from this battle and advised fellow rappers from the older generation to leave it to the young turks who still need to make names to battle it out.

Unlike Feffe Bussi and those that decided to respond to him Jim Nolah MC, Da Agent, Raf X and the lady MC Racheal Ray to mention but a few, veteran luga flow rapper Rocky Giant’s response to the Who is Who beef song is different.

He smartly chose to throw a few veiled swipes at the other rappers from his time and era like Babaluku, Navio and GNL Zamba especially tactically avoiding the fire spitting young Emcees whose arsenal of insults may prove to be hard to keep up with.

Giant calls the new beef going round cat and mouse games in his response adding his voice to those calling on these young rappers to unite and stay away from beef.

He then takes us back into history reminding us of how he had to fight world war 2 to kick out Navio and his contemporaries that were rapping in too much broken English to create room for luga flow in the year 2000.

He wonders whether Bbaluku has ever been a real rapper considering he has never seen him perform on a real stage. He adds that besides carrying bags of white people, Babaluku’s name some how fluked greatness in hip hop before he even rapped.

As for GNL’s proteges from Ntinda, he says they should sort themselves out and start rapping because its only GNL from that group that actually has work.

He commended Feffe Bussi the originator of the who is who cypher and encouraged him to keep putting the fake rappers in their place.

In the mean time we await responses from Navio, Babaluku and GNL’s proteges like Mun G to the ghetto rapper who dissed them .