By Watchdog reporter

Social media activist, Robert Shaka has dragged controversial journalist Andrew Mwenda to court for defamation.

Shaka alleges that the Independent Magazine CEO wrongly accused him through mentioning his name among the three people he suspected to be running the facebook account ‘faceless’ Tom Voltaire Okwalinga(TVO) who is an anti-government.

Through one of his facebook posts, Mwenda claimed that he had finally revealed the true faces of the people behind TVO account and the three names included that of Shaka, Henry Rugasira and Abbey Semuwemba who is the proprietor of Ugandans at Heart(UAH).

Through his lawyers of Odokel and Co Advocates , Shaka demands Mwenda to pull down the facebook post and also pay him shs300 million plus lawyer’s fees for the damages caused or they meet in court.

According to the his lawyers, Mwenda malicious post caused public scandal, hatred ,mistrust and ridicule both locally and nternationally.

The social critic was given only five days from Thursday to comply or they commence with the suit.