By Frank Gashumba

The current standoff between Sudhir (Ruparelia) and Bank of Uganda (BOU) will expose each and every person portraying himself as holy and honest.

Early this week, a video went viral of Mr. David Mpanga, a BOU lawyer and Mr. Robert Kabushenga, CEO of Vision Group having a secret meeting at Liquid Silk on Village Mall, a building owned by Mpanga’s colleagues.

Ironically, a Jose Chameleon song ‘Bayuda Tuyita Nabo’ was playing.

Everyone was wondering why would Kabushenga and his New Vision Group that wrote positive stories about Sudhir turn against him now to the extent of branding him a “fraudster”.

Mpanga released a press release a couple days later castigating the outing of video, laboriously explaining how he and Kabushenga regularly meet, and lamenting how he would never go back there ‘If.’

Yesterday Liquid Silk issued an apology on social media to the duo.

Is this the Robert Kabushenga I know or it’s another Kabushenga?

He has successfully turned New Vision into a tabloid. Forget Red Pepper. No newspaper trades in falsehoods, errors, and hatred as New Vision.

Vision Group CEO Robert Kabushenga

I am myself a victim of this government owned paper and that’s why I am ready to take them in Court and we will be filing in the first week of August. Falsehoods is another name for New Vision. The date is the only accurate thing in its sister paper, the Kampala Sun, which I freely call the Kampala ‘rubbish’. Sometimes they even write wrong dates!

The low sales of this ‘rubbish paper’ Kampala Sun or Kampala Darkness is perhaps due to the lies and envy they predominantly trade in.
The Vision Group of William Pike and that of the unqualified Kabushenga (he’s not a journalist remember) are total opposites.

Kabushenga uses New Vision to fight personal wars and I think there’s a possibility of monetary gains in these wars. Because of these calculated falsehoods and lies, some of us have lost business which is why court must award costs and damages.

When lies are printed by New Vision, some Ugandans don’t distinguish between facts and fiction.

If a video clip of a mere 2 minutes at Liquid Silk can make him run like a headless chicken, think of other Ugandans whose names you tarnish everyday with falsehoods!!! We constantly have to contend with that. We are families, we have friends and business associates you poison with rubbish daily.

Newspapers aren’t Bibles that what you write are bible verses. You started a war Sudhir thinking that he’s a villager but he is beating you at your own game.

I thank social media. At least now we have platform where we can respond to the lies. You are using New Vision to fight Self-made people. Without new vision, who are you?

Is Kabushenga’s face the new logo of New Vision? Every small activity involving him is a front page story, most recently on his meagre farm in Wakiso bought from taxi payers’ money, the very reason he needs to go slow on Self-made Ugandans!

New Vision used to host their pakasa forum at Sudhir’s Kampala Parents school. Sudhir was invited to speak of how he transitioned from a taxi driver to a billionaire. On another occasion, the same New Vision invited Uhuru Kenyatta to speak from the same venue.

To me you have betrayed the fair, balanced, and accurate ethos of journalism.

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