By Watchdog reporter

Kenyans are angry with the roads that were closed down as Israel Prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu visited Nairobi last evening.

Kingaiya said, “Only in Kenya! Kenyan hype of “Mzungus!” Kids late to school, parents late to work! Did Uhuru cause any traffic jam and road closures in Tel-Aviv when he was there? No Israeli ever knew that Uhuru was even there!”
While Mugo Wa Kibiru decried racism in Israel, “I would rather be a black person in an Arab country than be a black person in Israel. The racism in Israel against blacks is shocking indeed! Try venturing in the suburbs there not the tourist areas you Kenyans go to buy/get your ‘holy’ water and oil to run your con churches and you will see what I mean.”

For Bharat Soni, suggested, ‘Use choppers to move around ? much easier than creating the traffic snarl up.”
Nairobians were on Tuesday forced to walk to work after key roads were closed following a visit by Benjamin Netanyahu. The Israel Prime Minister arrived in Kenya on Monday night from Uganda for a three-day State visit.
Hundreds of passengers were stranded while others opted for the traffic to ease for fares to go down.
“We have been here since 6:20am and there are no vehicles. Those that are coming however have hiked their prices,” a passenger complained.
On Monday night, the police had warned that there would be traffic disruptions on major City routes. They however did not give the specific roads that would be closed.
The most affected roads were Waiyaki Way, Uhuru Highway, Parliament Road, Kenyatta Avenue, State House Road and their environs.

Almosts all traffic was diverted to the Globe roundabout. Waiyaki way was opened shortly after 9am.
Motorists who were caught unawares, said some of them had been stuck on the road for more than three hours following the blockade.
Netanyahu’s entourage comprises of key state officials, security officers, journalists and a team of 50 investors.