By Allen Kisakye

Poor Sylvia Owori. I guess she never expected the backlash she faced by trying to belittle Ghetto first lady recently.

See, last week the first ever Geopolitics conference organized by the French Embassy was held at Makerere University and Barbra Itungo Kyagulanyi, commonly known as Barbie was one of the discussants.

Barbie is politician/musician Robert Kyagulanyi’s wife.

“My self, together with HE Malac Deborah (American ambassador to Uganda) Dr Maggie Kigozi, H.E Stephanie Rivoal (French Ambassador to Uganda) Hon. Winnie Kiiza and Sarah Sali (Dean School of Women and Gender Studies, MUK) sat on the same panel to discuss the meaning of the word POWERFUL WOMEN,” Barbie posted on her facebook page. “Our discussion was wide but I carried some questions along and I would like to pick your thoughts on these topics.

Do you think men are intimidated by women in leadership positions? Where Do you think we stand today in the struggle for women empowerment and gender equality? Are women coming out to take on the platforms availed to them in the leadership arena? Who in your opinion represents a strong woman? I will be sharing a few videos of our discussion soon. Thank you French Embassy for inviting me. It was humbling.”

Amidst all the congratulatory and encouraging remarks that followed the post, Sylvia Owori happened.

“Kyagulanyi Barbie Itungo, I am a little confused here. Are you one of the most powerful inspirational women in Uganda??? There are over 1000 women who should have rightfully been on that panel discussing Women issues. Let us not mix politics with meritocracy,” she replied under Barbie’s post.

What followed was mayhem. Up til today, Barbie’s foot soldiers are having the former Zipper Models boss for breakfast, lunch supper, desert and all.

For example, Leo Allan Rakôw told Owori, “Well they chose her for a suitable candidate in this case her opinions on the forum obviously mattered most; why do u think you’re not among those 1000 sample size to be chosen from? Just let it sink you’ll be fine with time…”

Sarajoy Bakanansa added, “The fact that you are not on the panel then you are not influential. Take a back sit and let Barbie shine. She is married to the most influential man in Uganda today and automatically with her wisdom she deserves to sit on that panel.”

Suzan Salt reminded Owori that her days are long gone.

“How influential are you yourself? You were once influential in what we all know which was selling young naive girls to older men because of money under your defunct zipper blah blah. Why are you hell bent on attacking the younger generation that is more useful than you were?? Yes she deserved to be there and she was on the panel,” she posted before adding #kikulume #Ripjajjaja #Tugyekoobumbula #Gaciya #Comebeatme

Babies were brought in the mix by Prisca Tunde.

“Look who is talking. To think that we forgot you had a baby my colour in a Per Munk Nielson, a white and you stand here judging who should be on which platform leaves a lot to be desired. You were/are a slut who sold yourself and all Miss Uganda contestants to anyone that could afford, what makes you think you have a right to question who represents what? Please first sort out Seya and give him his son then come back here otherwise sit you old ass down!!!”

Blogger Patricia Ssewungu did not want to be left out and wondered why Owori would question Barbie’s presence on the panel.

“A host has a right to choose his or her guest- basic etiquette. Don’t mix politics as well as meritocracy with the study of the effects of geography on politics and international relations (Geopolitics). Presently, she has the “global” following to have an effect women’s lives,” she said, adding, “If Mrs Barbara Itungo was invited by the French embassy, then they saw her befitting to be part of the panel. She is educated, a mother, an entrepreneur above all engages in community development with the impoverished. Most importantly she is a wife to an honourable member of parliament who is also an entertainer yet balances it all.

These invites aren’t about western accents and whose back a particular woman has ridden on or where one has traveled or which famous men she has dated. It is about women of substance. Barbie is a classy woman of substance who has stayed calm in the eye of the storm. Class cannot be bought. It is simply one’s elegance and poise.

But Barbie saved the best for last, telling Owori, “I am I one of the most powerful inspirational women in Uganda? OH YES I AM ONE OF THE MOST INSPIRATIONAL WOMEN UGANDA HAS EVER HAD and you are an inspiration too Mama. I hope they invite you next time because I know you would fit on this panel just like a Million other Inspirational women out here.”

Conversation has spilled into other chatrooms such as Rebel Parents.