By Watchdog reporter

The top duo governing Kenya are people from opposite worlds.

Whereas Uhuru Kenyatta grew up in privileges, living in lavish homes and studying in the best schools, his now deputy, William Ruto grew up in abject poverty.

Now, as Uhuru attended the funeral of Ruto’s brother Harrison Kiptoo in Uasin Gishu county, the two leaders laughed hard at what Ruto called home during his childhood.

The deputy president narrated his childhood and how he survived during his early years.

Ruto who dreams of ruling Kenya some day and close, stepped away from their security and mourners with his President, Uhuru Kenyatta, and started joking more about his life.

Later Ruto later told Kenyatta publicly that his fellow villagers find it hard to believe he was today a deputy president.

“Mr President, my friend Kilimendi (Clement) and others find it difficult to recognize me as the Deputy President. I was here yesterday and he called me, ‘wee William’”, Ruto said amidst laughter from the mourners.

President Kenyatta told mourners that he could confirm Ruto was his “Deputy President”.

“I will not call him William today but the Deputy President so that these people know he is my DP,”

Ruto in his childhood hawked chicken in the village to survive.

His breakthrough came while he attended the University of Nairobi, and was a choir leader that performed for former president Daniel arab Moi. Ruto caught the president’s eye and his fortunes changed forever.