By our reporter

It seems singer Weasel has decided to dedicate his full services to socialite Bryan White who is on a nationwide campaign of eradicating poverty among the youths through his Bryan White foundation.

Early this week, Weasel fired his manager Chagga for allegedly disrupting his relationship with the socialite.

After overcoming all the hurdles limiting him from being close to the money splashing tycoon, Weasel now offers all his whole to make Bryan White happy.

On Saturday, social media was awash with Weasel’s photo carrying a sack of rice during one of the Bryan White Foundation campaigns.

Many people condemned the singer for stripping too low to the extent of becoming a ‘wheelbarrow’.

However, some have defended him saying they see nothing wrong with carrying a sack of rice as long as someone is in a charity drive.

Capital Fm Rahma bambi defended him by saying:

So this picture of Weasel carrying a sack of rice has been making rounds on social media..Many people are making fun of weasel that he has totally lost it!!..Weasel signed up with Brian White foundation to do some charity work,and i see nothing wrong with him getting fully involved…When you loose someone close to you,U go through a series of break downs,and you find therapy in many ways..If carrying this sack of rice makes him feel good even for just a minute,then let him be..He needs every type of therapy to get back to a somehow normal place..#IstandwithWeasel