Story by Daniel Nsibambi on his Facebook page

I will never forget the day I lost to Phiona Mutesi in chess.

It was during the national chess league about 10 years ago. I was playing for the Stanbic Bank team composed of adults against the kids of Katwe Chess Club.

My opponent was Phiona Mutesi who was barely 10 years and could hardly reach the pieces on the board table.

We were both playing board four, me the Ex-Uganda Chess Federation Chairman and her in primary school.

The game started off well with me kind of laid back thinking that I will teach the kid some basic chess lessons. I had played chess longer than all the years that the young Phiona had been on earth.

Playing white against black, I soon gained ground and pinned her pieces back deep into defense.

To an ordinary observer, she had lost too much material and space to survive.

But the young star had other ideas in her head. She made quick tactical recovery moves and within no time, the game was back in her favour and I had no option but to eventually resign.

That’s the Queen of Katwe, Phiona Mutesi, who has beaten all odds and whose exploits and fighting spirit have conquered the world and put Uganda on the global map.

PS: To find out more about Ugandan chess at the time please Google: Talking Drum, Daniel Nsibambi