By Najibu Mulema

Companies have been advised to respect the rights of women workers.

Former executive director of Uganda Investment Authority, Prof.Maggie Kigozi says the country’s labour laws are very clear on the issue of maternity leave but often times they are violated.

She says women are entitled to  60 days of maternity leave but some companies have a tendency of firing pregnant women.She also challenged these  companies to setup baby centers at the work premises that can help support breatfeeding mothers.

Kigozi however,encouraged women also to respect their jobs, be productive and punctual at work to avoid dismissal.

“The Uganda labour laws are very clear about maternity leave,women are entitled to 60 days of maternity leave,60 working days which means three months and they are entitled to this and it should be paid when you expect them to come back and then a responsible company really should recognize that this mother is breastfeesing,should there have a baby center so that mothers can bring their babies to breastfeed them.” Said Prof.Kigozi.

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