Residents fed up with accidents due to speeding cars decided to make their own Traffic police and armed it with a hairdryer  to help slow down drivers; and indeed it worked

Residents dressed the papier-mache model and addressed it in a high-vis jacket, a police-style cap and aviator glasses to deter motorists from going too fast.

It’s not known who made the model – but the local police took offense and seized the makeshift traffic calmer claiming it could “distract” motorists.
Fake traffic cop in Poland 
Motorists think this dummy is a traffic cop
Fake traffic dummy in PolandResidents say the fake cop has been a success – but the real police were not happy

Another added: “Very well. Let him stay here. He will make them slow down a bit.”Regional police Chief Maria Pawlak said: “It was nice joke, but only for a moment.”