By our reporter

Uganda’s capital city Kampala has been ranked the best city in East Africa beating the Kenya’s Nairobi, Rwanda’s Kigali and Tanzania’s Dar es Salaam and Dodoma.

New York-based consultancy Mercer, in its 2018 quality of living survey ranked Kampala as East Africa’s best city to live in.

The ranking offers a sneak preview of the country’s level of development and the city’s ability to attract and retain investors, expatriates and tourists.

Out of the 231 cities, Kampala was named at position 172 followed by Nairobi at position 186.

Kigali came in third behind Kampala and Nairobi at position 190, having improved two positions, while Tanzania’s Dar es Salaam stagnated at position 199.

To rank the cities, the survey examined the levels of traffic congestion, quality of public transport, electricity supply and banking services.

Other indicators include crime levels, education, political stability, housing, food availability and entertainment.

“Factors such as climate, disease and sanitation standards, ease of communications, and physical remoteness can often affect the success of a foreign assignment,” says the report that was released last week.

“Moreover, the local political and social environment, political violence, and crime may give rise to potentially uncomfortable, inconvenient, or even dangerous situations. To encourage mobility, reliable information is needed to help calculate fair, consistent expatriate compensation for hardship locations.”

Port Louis of Mauritius emerged Africa’s best city to live in after being ranked at position 83 globally followed by South Africa’s Durban and Cape Town.

Globally, Vienna emerged top for nine years in a row, followed by Zurich while the bottom is Baghdad in Iraq.

Additional information from; Business Daily