By Watchdog reporter

Early this week celebrated musician Edrisa Mussuza shocked the nation when he said he is not ready probably not willing to wed his fiancé Rema Namakula who is also a fellow singer.

While being interviewed by Kampala Sun, Kenzo adamantly revealed that he has never talked about marrying Rema citing that it’s her aunties who are ‘forcing’ her to wed their daughter yet he is young and not ready.

“I have never talked about marriage. It is her ssengas who suggested that I wed their daughter, but I am not yet ready. Rema is young. I am still young too,” said Kenzo.

When asked about getting other wives since he is a muslim and the religion permits him to have four wives, the BET winner said he cannot rule it out since you never know God’s plans.

“I cannot rule it out. If I say no, tomorrow I could get a second or third woman and you will return here to remind me that I said I will never. However, right now I have one and I am okay,” he stated.

Rema and Kenzo have a baby girl together.

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