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Rwanda’s president Paul Kagame has flown to Moscow in Russia to meet President Vladimir Putin. Kagame made the Moscow trip after the G7 meeting in Canada where also he met the prime minister of the country, @JustinTrudeau.

The meeting between Kagame and Putin follows Russian Foreign Affairs Minister visit to Kigali for talks on selling Russian-made air defence system.

It is not clear why Rwanda needs to upgrade its defence capability at this point in time, but, President Kagame is slowly building the macho image in the region, showing off to the world Rwanda’s economic and military prowess, and the world seems to be listening.

President Kagame meets with President Putin at the Kremlin

After the meeting between President @PaulKagame and @PutinRF_Eng at the Kremlin, Rwanda’s state house official handle said, “President Kagame meets with President Putin at the Kremlin @KremlinRussia_E ahead of the #WorldCup Opening Ceremony”.

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The meeting Kagame scored with Putin ahead of the busy season, for analysts, shows deeper interests between the two countries.