By our reporter

Media personality Justine Nameere has ruthlessly said that the arrested Red Pepper editors and directors are cursed and deserve to rot in Nalufenya as a pay back for all their misdeeds they have inflicted on a number of Ugandans.

Nameere who seemed to be rejoicing went on her Facebook page and wrote a long rant saying the the journalists deserve what they are going through since they have defamed people, shattered dreams, destroyed people’s relationships among others.

She wrote;

It doesn’t surprise me that many people are cerebrating Redpepper’s debacle! If there’s a group of people that has caused pain and suffering to this country, it is that group of goons called Redpepper owners that the country is now taking a break from as they are kept away in Nalufenya. You have defamed people, you have destroyed people’s careers and relationships, you have shattered dreams, you have undressed mothers, disabled fathers, you have crushed role models, belittled Kings and Queens, you have accused men of God falsely, you have told material falsehoods about people you have indeed made money out of sowing in the Devil’s Gardens. DEAR FELLOW UGANDANS PLEASE GIVE THESE DETAILS JUST A LITTLE OF YOUR TIME; I got the chance to witness part of Eddy Kenzo’s background, at some point he was helped by my Father; I remember him telling my Dad when he gave him a good pair of sneakers “Mzee sambalanga Ku ngatto nnungi, nyinza obutasobola kutambula” to mean “Dad I don’t think I will be able to walk because I have never worn nice shoes”. My Dad struggled to smiled, he was clearly so touched. Kenzo had come to play for my Mzee’s club, Masaka LC in exchange for school fees. I later got to learn that he used the money to educate his little siblings and didn’t go to school. He went through the worst hustle and made it to the cream de’ La cream of African Musicians. He has big awards to his name, made the hit Ghetto kids, has clubs in countries like Italy, Malawi, France etc named after him, he’s a disciplined young man; has theme night performances all over the world, he is an inspiration to the kid with a poor background and what does Redpepper and their Kamunye counterpart do? Call him a murderer, a sorcerer, a gay prostitute, illuminati, local, uneducated, all sorts of trash; I remember how Redpepper climbed a whole Speaker of Parliament, she won a 150m defamation case against them in 2016; they climbed a whole former Chief Justice Wako Wambuzi and when he took them to court, they bragantly said for them they’re connected and untouchable, Court ordered them to pay him 500m; oba what are untouchable people doing in Nalufenya?! When they started on Tooro kingdom, they forged up all sorts of lies about the King , the Princess, Queen Mother and Tooro officials. It became too much that at some point Tooro Kingdom dragged them to Court and called for a boycott of their “newspaper”; I remember when Redpepper accused the Vision Group CEO Robert Kabushenga of having evicted his mother from her house and her land and that he had been arrested for it and was in jail and could be arraigned in court the next Monday but the man was at Vision Group doing his work; It was a topic of talk for all employees of Vision Group as people wondered why people from the same journalism fraternity would mudsling a whole CEO of the biggest media company moreover telling broad day lies and today the same people apparently want the journalist fraternity to push for their freedom; no Redpepper no one will advocate for you; you cannot conveniently remember to pull the ” fraternity” card now; when you were harassing Sarah Kagingo and scorning her over the torture she had gone through plus other TV and Radio personalities who you accuse of material falsehoods how come you don’t remember that they’re your colleagues?! When Sanyu Robinah Mweruka was going through her rough times, what didn’t you yap you goons?! I once read one of your dailies where you accused Sheila Gashumba of being a prostitute, a wannabe; she was only 17years old then; I kept that newspaper at my place; a young girl trying to be somewhere in life, inspiring teenagers to value work and old for nothing men haranguing her trying to put her down; didn’t you know then that she was your media colleague?! Now you magically remember to cry to your colleagues?! You goons! Juliana Kanyomozi was a woman who everyone knew never responded to her attackers; you always defamed her and the woman kept quiet but when you for over a month wrote shit about her and her dead son, Juliana rose up, Juliana roared, she broke down; I looked at parents torturing a woman who has lost her only child, and you call that press freedom?! Press freedom to attack, insult, demean, character assassinate and forge things about people?! I saw you pretending to celebrate Hon Bobi Wine, the same newspaper that falsely accused him for apparently stealing cars from Red Cross society, siring children out of marriage, among other crap. Now what if your accusations had terribly altered his ego and he decided to say move out of the country, would he be the MP you were pretending to celebrate so much you hypocrites?! You get people’s mothers and write about their private parts, their personal problems, their body shapes! mbu “Dry pussied Zari”…Karistas has….who and who….Jesus! OK if it’s about press freedom you also write about your wives, mothers and daughters’ private parts so we understand you practice press freedom without fear or favour.
I remember when you defamed my Fiance’ mbu for dating me, what was wrong with my Fiance’ dating me?! It’s just because one of you had vibed me while I was still at NTV and I said no! You forged up shit about my Fiancé just because that gu funny big faced guy, one of you vibed me and I said a big no! I was the public figure here, why didn’t you attack me instead of my man?! Am still with him now die! I still have the evidence of your silly messages, open your mouth and I release! You redpepper persistently for two years told lies about me, demeaned me, insulted me and did everything to put me down but me am rock and metal! When I resigned my job at Minibuzz because I was pregnant with my first born and my health wasn’t well, I couldn’t keep up with waking up so early and traveling so much as was required at Minibuzz, you fools lied to people that I had been fired! You had already told the same lie when I resigned from NTV. Yet Minibuzz threw me a good bye party, Minibuzz threw me their own baby shower, contributed officially to my Kukyala, released a press statement thanking me for my work and really kept a good relationship with me. Those Bazungus felt so bad when you misrepsented my departure from Minibuzz, they even advised me to go legal because they had seen your consistent deliberate effort to defame me! And it’s after I went legal that you gave my name and my family a break. But a thief has 39 days you devils, you will see the anger of God some day. I know a friend of mine who paid you over 20 million to prevent you from writing stories about her, you took the money and you still wrote the stories! So cheap! You extorted 10 million out of Maama Fiina, woman who has helped many Ugandans but you still published her nudity and forged up stories about her yet you ate her money! An uneducated woman who has struggled to be where she is and has even helped many. You the educated ones is that best you would do?! I will pray I will fast, I will call God and one day all the innocent people you have wronged will get justice! You once extorted 50 million out of some guy who was working for UN and you still went on to write a bad story on him that led to the loss of his job, the guy was taking care of his family alone, educating all his siblings; that Guy’s mother cursed you and her cries are being heard! So now that you care about your jobs and your families as you cried to court why don’t you think about other people’s jobs and families as you do your crap?! And what’s most annoying is you don’t pay your workers you selfish goons. You make money out of people’s tears and you cannot even share it with the people that donkey for you?! And now your very few sympathizers are yapping mbu “do you know the livelihoods affected by your closure and jailing”… Lol do you know how much Redpepper employees and your former employees are celebrating your beleaguered times?! Go to the few pages that struggled to put in a word for you….your workers came and assured them that you were lying mbu their livelihoods are affected because you operate a brief case company where all the money you make a day you share immediately. Looks like more dogs are out on you. They are looking for lawyers to take you on for none payment of their salaries. Kika! Organizations like The American Press Association and the Ethical Journalism Network, among others all agree that the first obligation that journalists have is ” the truth”; the first loyalty is “to citizens” and the first discipline is verification! Do everything to hear from all sides. I don’t sympathize with you, great majority of Ugandans don’t, there will be no hash tag for your release or mercy but the opposite starting here #letredpeppergoonspay. Even if you get out of the physical prison, you have tested social validation where Ugandans have showed you hate, activists are quiet and ordinary Ugandans are indifferent, they don’t wanna know, not interested! You now know that you are cursed! Save your children and grandchildren from the curses that millions have sent to you, when come out of your nalufenyas; JUST LEAVE PEOPLE ALONE! The Sun in the UK is also a tabloid newspaper but they will only write a scandal that they have thoroughly researched. Remember the “WaterGate scandal” where journalists unearthed a scandal that was of such national importance that it led to President of USA resigning! You should investigate scandals that will inform policy; for example these brothels in town with teenagers; body organ stealing where men take girls to Dubhai under the pretext of “love”, etc.
And you dare climb me because I have spoken out on you, my legal engines are raving to go! I will give you a defamation trial you will never forget you devils! Fellow Ugandans, human rights activists, Lawyers, Parents, Leaders let’s rise up against the national bullies called redpepper before our younger generations and our children suffer as well. Journalism fraternity get up and denounce these black mailers, crooks and liars, promote professional journalism in Uganda! I hope no sponsor or brand ever associates with you bullies! We should petition the Speaker of Parliament to caution Government on why they have been looking on as red pepper damages society to the point of forging very serious allegations that could compromise national security and the economy; and to also denounce them because they have been abusing human rights claiming to be so connected in the powers that be! When Daily Monitor was closed the whole nation cared including Kings, Religious Leaders, Activists, other media houses were all on Monitor’s side, ask yourselves why? Compare with yourselves! Goonsjust!