By Kiyimba Bruno

Tycoon Sam Buchanan has claimed his life to be under  threat after what he saw at Tom Kaya’s residence in Mengo.

When approached by our reporter at his home in Muyenga, Buchanan said that Kaya pointed seven guns to him in front of his son Denis Buchanan.

The battle comes after Kaya refusing to let the Mengo Bulange flats that he had sold to Buchanan at a price worth shs3.5 billions.

“When I went to demand my land tittle, he pointed an AK47 at me which I don’t believe he owns legally. Plus other six guns.” Said Buchanan.

Buchanan says that he went on paying in installments money  to Kaya of which after paying the agreed amount in a period of one year be given the  flats in question which up to date have not been given to him.

Buchanan alleges that Kaya threatened him that he works with big people like Afande Kyanda, Gen Salim Saleh, as well as Gen Elly Tumwine that he cannot be touched.

He went ahead to mention people like Godfrey Kirumira who stood on behalf of Kaya while Buchanan was paying  the three installments of UGX1.5b,UGX500M,plus the UGX 100M which was paid to the brokers.

Buchanan claims that he opened up a case at Old Kampala police station but he did not get much out of it. On this note, the case was transferred to Kabalagala Police station which arrested him on Kaya on the spot. But because he is a rich fella, Kaya managed to bribe the officers at the station to the extent that he was released on bond without even checking for the guns in his home as Buchanan had reported.

I wonder how law works here in Uganda. How can officers in Uganda police release a man suspected to be having dangerous weapons at his home illegally?” Buchanan wondered.

Here Buchanan called upon the public and president Yoweri Kaguta Museveni to come out openly so that justice can be achieved.

He also called upon president Museveni to come out openly and clear the air whether Kaya is working under his wings.