By Najibu Mulema

Adjuman Resident District Commissioner, Agnes Akello has accused the Uganda army for destroying Zoka forest. This came after officials from National Environmental Management Authority(NEMA) went to survey the forest following allegations by the residents that unknown people are busy destroying the forest.

The RDC came out and said she knows and had evidence on the people responsible for the catastrophe.

“The people who come for timber are army people maybe they are veterans but they use army vehicles,” Akello said.

“Even oneday I ordered my people to follow the army vehicle which wss carrying timber from Zoka forest, it was seen parked in an army barracks,” Akello added.

The UPDF spokesperson, Paddy Ankunda, said they are going to make investigations in the matter because as per now the army does not have evidence.

Zoka forest sits on 6,000 hectares and if the act of cutting down of trees continue, Adjuman is likely to lose its catchment area and thus it could face widespread drought in the future.