By our reporter

Have you ever imagined finding a whole MP stuck in the middle of the road simply because his/her car has run out of fuel?

Well to Arua Municipality MP Ibrahim Abiriga, that’s not news anymore, and in near future it will no longer raise eyebrows that the legislator’s car has broken down due to lack of fuel.

Early this month, Abiriga’s car broke down in the middle of a busy street near parliament and he was ‘forced’ by the youth to pay handsomely in order to push his yellow beetle car off the road.

Many people would believe the Arua man has been paid lots of cash to promote age limit removal from the constitution but Abiriga’s real life doesn’t show he has that much money.

Someone might even wonder what he does with his lucrative MP pay if not to save him the embarrassment of an empty tank in the middle of the road.

Well even today, Abiriga has been spotted at Bombo Nakatonya area refilling his car using a jerry can, after it ran out of fuel.

But as a champion of age limit removal, he opted to utilize the time as he waited for the boda boda cyclist to deliver his fuel, in interacting with residents of the area to discuss about the contentious bill.