By Herbert Bukenya

Musician Gravity Omutujju is having sleepless nights according to sources as he works tirelessly to try and acquire his dream car which is a Hummer that he is said to be paying for in installments from a car dealer in Bunga a Kampala suburb.

He is set to have a mega concert in September dubbed ‘Embuzi za Kutude’ which according to sources will give him the money he needs to complete paying for this Hummer.

Last year the luga flow rapper who blends his music with kidandali and dance hall grooves to stay relevant filled up the huge Lugogo cricket oval earning his place as one of the top artistes in the country.

And although he hasn’t had a good year musically, he believes he can still fill up this place and get his much loved Hummer H2 car as well. We are yet to see if he will pull it off again this time round.