By our reporter

After successfully resisting against any form of oppression from all types of nemesis, Uganda’s ruling party the National Resistance Movement (NRM) has got a copycat which is inspired by its spirit of resistance.

Yesterday, while addressing his supporters at Uhuru Park , Kenya’s main opposition figure Raila Odinga declared a new party which he named “National Resistance Movement”.

Odinga said the National Super Alliance (Nasa) had transformed from a political coalition to “a resistance movement”.

He said this while making a “big announcement” concerning Kenya’s repeat presidential election today.

“We will not respect a government that was not elected according to the Constitution,” he said in reference to President Kenyatta’s administration as quoted by Daily Nation.

The opposition leader, who has since pulled out of the repeat election, asked Nasa supporters to hold prayers away from polling stations or stay at home on Thursday as Kenya holds what he termed as a “sham repeat presidential election”.

He reiterated his call to Nasa supporters to not to stage street demos on the election day, warning that that government had deployed police “to kill” them.