By our reporter

Controversial Dembe FM presenter Isaac Katende alias Kasuku has lashed out at people who say Qute Kaye should be taken for rehab citing that the solution will not help the singer since he has ever been rehabilitated before when he gave his life to Jesus Christ during Pastor Robert Kayanja’s 77DOGS crusade in 2017.

During a live video on Facebook, Kasuku revealed that the only workable solution if people want to save the ‘ginkese’ singer is to get him a trusted witchdoctor who will help him overcome all his problems.

According to Kasuku, Qute Kaye’s problems are likely to be caused by witchcraft.

“Qute Kaye’s problems are beyond what we think, he has had all the chances in this world to pull his life back together but he failed to utilize them. After hearing that he stole a car headlight I realized that witchcraft is real,” said Kasuku.

“Guidance and counseling also have limits, Qute Kaye has been counseled on several occasions but he failed to go back to normal. We shouldn’t think about taking him to rehab or Pentecostal churches, what we should do is to get a trusted witchdoctor to work on all his problems,” he added.

Qute Kaye was on Thursday arrested and later detained at Nateete Police Station after he was allegedly found removing the headlight of the vehicle, registration number UBA 482K, said to be owned by Jackson Musisi.