By our reporter

After being netted red-handed while stealing a car headlight, a number of people came out to sympathize with faded singer Qute Kaye regardless of his erroneous act.

Among the notable figures who really felt sorry for the singer was a renowned lady known as Mama Sure Deal, the proprietor of Sure Deal Beauty Centre.

Immediately after Qute Kaye was released from jail, Mama Sure Deal offered to financially help the ‘ginkese’ singer.

She rented for him a house for six months, bought him new clothes as well as offering to look after Kaye’s family.

However, to speculators, Qute Kaye and Mama Sure Deal’s relationship seems to be on another level following the viral photos showing the two at a scaring close range.

In one photo, Mama Sure Deal is seen tightly holding Qute Kaye’s waist.

Another one shows the two standing close to each other while the singer is putting on a different outfit opposed to that one in the first photo yet the two shots seem to have been taken at a correlating time.

Show we say since Mama Sure Deal offered to wholeheartedly help Kaye, did she also decide to take up the responsibility of assisting him change his clothes?