By Najibu Mulema

It all started well until the Resident District Commissioner (RDC) of Busia, Kennedy Okiti questioned the source of income of the people living with disabilities (PWDs).

The RDC had been invited as a guest of honour at the national sports gala of PWDs in Busia town.

When called to give his speech, Okiti started accusing the PWDs of embezzlement. However he got a shock of his life when the PWDs ordered him to leave their event because they couldn’t stand him.

The chairperson Uganda Paralympic Committee, Bumali Mpindi said, “the RDC is not an easy man, at first he wanted us to remove oir tents that we were not permitted to carryout the event and now he is accusing us of emblezzement, we cannot take it anymore.”
On the other hand, Okiti said, “These people need to be investigated, they usually carryout such big events, where do they get this kind of money?”