By Najibu Mulema

The just concluded reshuffle in the army has sparked mixed reactions among politicians, army and civilians.

Many discontented people have come out to give their views on President Yoweri Museveni’s decision to make vigorous changes in the army which saw Gen Katumba Wamala replaced with Gen David Muhoozi as CDF and the First son, Maj Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba appointed presidential Advisor of special operations which maintains him in command of the Special Forces.

Now former Director External Security Organization (ISO), David Pulkol has attacked Museveni for making his son an advisor.

Pulkol charged while appearing on one TV station this morning.

” If Muhoozi is a crop then he is a GMO because he is growing so fast. This is nepotism and it kills the moral of the other army officers,” Pulkol noted.

The former government spy claims Muhoozi leads an army within an army

“If you give people ranks they don’t merit in the army, at the battle field you will see Generals fighting like Lituenants because that is what they are. We have seen Muhoozi being transformed to a larva and now he is a betterfly,” said furious Pulkol.

According to Pulkol, the first son like he recruited in the army to build a special army he is now recruiting in politics and sponsored several MPs in the last election.Today he has many MPs in the house and he may soon join them as an MP to replace the late Oketa.

“ Museveni has successfully launched Muhoozi in the army and he is now launching him into politics,” He further added.

He however said that Muhoozi is not a battle tested soldier and that is why he miscommanded the Kasese raid on King Charles Wesley Mumbere and his people.

“The known battles he has fought was the rescue of Mutagamba when she was invaded by “a terrorists” whose whereabouts we don’t know. Museveni also tried to launch him through Galamba but he failed miserably,” Pulkol asserted.