‘Be wary of whoever approaches you. Ask for an ID before you are whisked away’, a top security official once advised. ‘Most of these guys musaquarade as CMI, SFC, Police, UPDF personnel when in actual sense they are not.’

‘We are trained and respect the rights of Ugandans.’

That, however wasn’t the story earlier today as a suspected car thief was brutally tortured in broad day light by unidentified men with guns in Kampala’s central business district.

The incident, captured by a Record TV cameraman, happened at the junction between Colville Street and Portal Avenue adjacent to Theatre Labonita and Christ The King Church at around 01:20pm.

In the video, very shocked people look on as six men torture their victim, eventually identified as Yusuf Kawoya*  into submission before tossing him into a taxi Reg. No. UAF 325S.

Both the army and police came out to say they were not responsible for Kawoya’s arrest.

Kawoya is suspected victim of the Christ The King afternoon kidnap