By Watchdog reporter

All is not well for a section of public servants who thought that registering for a national ID was wastage of time.

Information coming from the Ministry of Finance indicates that all public servants without national IDs will not get their salaries effective 1st August, 2017.

According to a letter issued on 7th August, Keith Muhakanizi, the permanent Secretary of the Finance Ministry proposed to the Ministry of Public Service to  include the National Identification numbers on pay slips as a way of increasing the credibility of the wage, pension payroll and ensure concomitant accountability.

“The purpose of this letter therefore is to request you to follow up the implementation of this proposal and ensure that it is effective starting August, 2017,” said Muhakanizi.

By the copy of this letter, Accountant General should ensure no public officer or pensioner is paid salary without National Identification Number with effect from 1st August, 2017,” he added.