By Najibu Mulema

Uganda Debt Network (UDN) has asked the government protect public procurement laws and provide for open bidding for government printing.

This follows a story published last week indicating that the government was in a secret printing deal with a Germany company which would see Uganda’s printing and publishing cooperation disbanded.

The programs director, UDN Julius mishambi says that government shouldn’t adhere to fare rules of play which include open bidding for companies to show their worth rather than handpicking. He warns that by handpicking companies the country is likely to suffer a setback like one of the national ID project under another Germany company

Mishambi suggests protection of the tax payer’s funds by opening up bidding to different companies if efficiency is to be realized.

“For once there’s unfair play just like we saw in the past with the Uganda Grain Milling Company and Uganda commercial Bank, where the money from Uganda is actually what was being used for some of those companies alleging that it’s from outside the country.”Mishambi said

“ We could see a similar scenario in Uganda with that similar company so we still suggest to government of Uganda for protection of the tax payers money and one of the strategies is to ensure that you’re open to competition there’s nothing classified about that kind of investment really”He added.