By Watchdog reporter

A ‘Yellow’ Pig has today been dropped at Namirembe Cathedral,to protest against the betrayal from a church leader by names of Bishop Mwesigwa Sheldon on the amendment of article 102b in the Uganda constitution which calls for the lifting of the age limit.

The pig was dropped by the famous youth group known as Jobless Brotherhood.

In a letter dropped along with the pig, the youth called upon the Inter religious council and the leadership of all faith organisation to blacklist a lost sheep in the treasured attires of Reverend  Bishops.

“For Bishop Mwesigwa Sheldon to drag the church in his greedy ambitions is despicable of church leader well aware of the undisputed church history and the growth of the Christianity movement many centuries ago,” Letter partly reads.

It should be noted that Bishop Mwesigwa, is the religious leader who helped President Yoweri Museveni to check in records enabling him to discover his baptism date recently.