By Watchdog reporter

Three months after prosecutors lay down tools causing shut down of courts, now a new strike is in the works.

This website understands that prosecutors want to resume strike next week as the government renegades on its promise to review their pay in 90 days.

Prosecutors in June of this year forced cabinet to commit itself to increasing their pay and a commitment letter signed by justice minister Kahinda Otafiire promising to increase pay of prosecutor was issued before the stand off which froze business at courts was called off.

Prosecutors are demanding that their renumeration equal the pay earned by government lawyers at agencies such as the Uganda Registrations Service Bureau where the lowest lawyer earns sh3m a month.

Government had promised to also drop tax on prosecutors like the case with workers in the justice sector such as police, and prisons.

On October 10 the strike resumes, according to information from sources that sought anonymity to speak freely about the matter.

There is pressure on government to review salaries of several departments.

So the government has referred the matter to the salary review commission.

However Prosecutors say the letter of commitment was binding to government as it came before SRC took up the matter.

The strike of state prosecutors comes when political cases including the 25 MPs fighting age limits are pending at the DPP’s desk.