By Watchdog reporter

Youthful property mogul Hamis Kiggundu has opened up on the controversial government bailout plans.

Although some wealthy people on the now controversial list of people in need of government bail such as Patrick Bitature have distanced themselves from the list, even calling it a figment of people’s imagination, Kiggundu on the other hand does not deny he asked for the bail out.

The Ham Towers boss told CBS reporter Alex Nsubuga ( that the government is not helping the rich people as individuals but aiding the economy.

“I employ over 600 workers, and these people have families,” he said, adding that when dollar and interest rates rise, it affects business.

Kiggundu said, “I am not badly off. That’s not the case. However, there is nothing wrong with the government offering some assistance to companies that need it help in a bid to give the economy some boost.”

He says he is surprised some Ugandans are taking the issues of the economy as a joke, and warned that the ailing economy has effects on everyone’s life.

Kiggundu says he will not drive a cheap car simply because some Ugandans think he should be frugal.

“Do you want me to operate a business of $200 million and I move in a Premio? We are not being extravagant,” he said.